Page 2 - Pictures of a Railway Accident

Langsamfahrt erwarten  The Fairyline Freighter passing the colour light distant signal showing Vr 2: expect slow
Halt erwarten  The Dwarfington Southbound passing the semaphore distant signal showing Vr 0: caution - expect stop.
Hp 0: Halt!  The Dwarfington Southbound, still at full speed, approaching the main signal at danger. On the right you see the descent from the bridge where the Fairyline Freighter will appear just within seconds.
Hp 2: Langamfahrt (in ein besetztes Gleis...)  The Fairyline Freighter on its descent from the bridge, passing the main signal at Hp 2-slow.

In front you see the Dwarfington Southbound which has already occupied the points, the accident is inevitable now.

Unfallszene  The derailed Dwarfington Southbound and the Fairyline Freighter immediately after the accident.
Unfallszene, Luftbild  Top view of the scene. The Fairyline Freighter is still on its tracks. Note the special style of the points signal: this one is only used at Duplo points.

The subsequent investigation revealed that both trains were driven by the same person, who was also in charge of being the installation's signalman. .

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