Pictures of Hl Colour Light Signals

Hl 12a-Fahrt mit 40 km/h, Halt erwarten  A Hl signal on the Line to Meiningen, Thuringia showing aspect Hl 12a: line clear with 40 km/h, expect stop. Below the main head you see a Zs 2: direction indicator. The white board with the letter "K" is the signal identifier, the white-red-white post plate tell us that this signal must not be passed at danger.


Hl 3a-Fahrt mit 40 km/h, freie Fahrt erwarten  Another Hl signal at Rostock showing aspect Hl 3a: clear with 40 km/h, expect clear with maximum speed.

Also you can see a Kreisscheibe (Circle Board) between the head and the post plate.

Hl 3b-Fahrt mit 60 km/h, freie Fahrt erwarten  Hl 3b (clear with 60 km/h, expect clear) at Bad Kleinen. Also this signal is equipped with a Kreisscheibe. Note that the post plate is mounted to the right of the post, because the departure signal (the black box left to the post plate) is mounted centered at the post.

The plate with the number 140 is the signal number.

Hl 1-Fahrt erwarten  A Hl distant signal showing aspect Hl 1: expect clear.
Halt, Rangierverbot aufgehoben  A Hl signal at stop, shunting allowed (Hp 0 + Ra 12) on Berlin's S-Bahn at Warschauer Straße.
Hl 12b: Fahrt mit 60 km/h, Halt erwarten  Hl 12b: Clear with 60, expect stop.
Vorsignalwiederholer: Fahrt erwarten  A Hl distant signal repeater (as indicated by the post plate) showing 'expect clear'.
Hl 10 - halt erwarten As you can see, this signal head has only one lantern, so this distant signal repeater can only show two aspects: steady amber (Hl 10: expect stop) or flashing amber (Hl 7: expect 40 or 60 km/h)