This section is about the OSShD, (see also OSJD) i.e. mainly about their signals.



OSShD is the Latin transcription of the Russian abbreviation ОСЖД (Организация Сотрудничества Железных Дорог  - Organisation for the Combined Operations of Railways). The Chinese characters 铁组 are pronounced tiě zǔ - Iron[way] Group.
(Note that as the transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin letters is different among various languages, you may also come across the spellings OSJD or OSZhD.)

The OSShD is headquartered in Warsaw and was founded in 1956, its membership is comprised of the Transport Ministries and central state bodies responsible for railways. The main areas of OSShD's activity are the development and improvement of international rail transport, particularly between Europe and Asia, including combined transport, coordination of international rail traffic transport policy; improvement of how standard (1435 mm) and Russian wide gauge (1520 mm) rail networks work together; co-operation with other international organisations; improvement of international transport law.

It currently has 25 member states (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Iran, Kazakhstan, Korea (North), Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam) plus four observers (Finland, France, Germany, Greece). The trackage of the members combined equals nearly 300.000 km or roughly a third of the world's railways trackage. In the former COMECON and some neighbouring nations, OSShD was the common railway standardization body and remains so today.

Among other things, one important subject they were able to standardize are the colour light signals, which have very similar aspects throughout the member states, so you can drive your train from East Germany to Vietnam while seeing just about the same signal aspects.

Upon the Reunification of Germany, the member state East Germany ceased to exist while Germany took observer status.

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OSShD abbrev. Railway name Railway name (engl.) Country

km of tracks

ADDY ADDY Azərbaycan Dövlət Dəmir Yolu Azerbaijan State Railway Azerbaijan 2.957
BC BC Белорусская Железная Дорога
Belarusskaya Želesnaya Doroga
Byelorussian Railway Belarus 5.512
BDZ BDZ Български държавни железници
Blgarsky D'ržavni Železnichy
Bulgarian State Railways Bulgaria 4.294
KZD KZD 中国铁路
Zhōngguó Tiělù
China Railway China 71.898
CD CD České Dráhy Czech Railways Czech Republic 9.543
ER EVR Eesti Raudtee Estonian Railways Estonia 958
GR GR საქართველოს რკინიგზა
Sakartvelos Rkinigsa
Georgian Railway Georgia 1.612

MÁV Magyar Államvasutak Hungarian Railway Hungary 7.937
RAI RAI شركت راه آهن جمهوری اسلامی ایران
Rahahan-e Jomhori-e Eslami Iran
Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Iran 7.203
KTZ (Kasachstan) KTŽ Қазақстан темір жолы
Qazaqstan Temir Žoly
Kazakhstan Temir Zholy
Kazakhstan Railways Kazakhstan 13.700
  ZC ZC 조선민주주의인민공화국의 철도
Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwagukŭi Ch'ŏlto
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Railways Korea (North) 5.214
KTZ (Kirgisien) KTZ Кыргыз Темир Жолу
Kyrgyz Temir Žoly
Kyrgyz Railway Kyrgyzstan 470
LDZ LDZ Latvijas Dzelzceļš Latvijan Railway Latvia 2.303
LG LG Lietuvos Geležinkeliai Lithuanian Railways Lithuania 1.998
CFM CFM Железная Дорога Молдова
Železnaya Doroga Moldowa
Calea Feratǎ din Moldova
Railway of Moldova Moldova 1.138
MTZ MTZ Улаанбаатар Төмөр зам
Ulaanbataar Tömör Zam
Ulaanbaatar Railway Mongolia 1.810
PKP PKP Polskie Koleje Państwowe Polish State Railway Poland 23.852
CFR CFR Căi Ferate Romane Romanian Railways Romania 11.385
RZD RŽD Российские железные дороги
Rossijskie Železnye Dorogi
Russian Railways Russian Federation 87.157
ZSR ŽSR Železníc Slovenskej Republiky Railways of the Slovak Republic Slovakia 3.662
TDZ TDŽ Rokhy Okhany Tochikiston Tajik Railways Tajikistan 482
TDY TDY Turkmendemiryollari Turkmen Railways Turkmenistan 2.440
UZ Українскі Залізниці
Ukrainski Zalizniči
Ukrainian Railways Ukraine 22.473
OTY OTY O'zbekiston Temir Yo'llari Uzbekistan Railways Uzbekistan 3.950
DSVN DSVN Đường Sắt Việt Nam
Vietnam Railways Vietnam 2.600
Sum 296.548


abbrev. Railway name Railway name (engl.) Country

km of tracks

VR VR Valtionrautatiet (VR) State's Railway (VR) Finland 5.851
SNCF SNCF Societé National de Chemins de Fer Françaises National Society of the French Railways France 29.519
DB DB Deutsche Bahn German Railway Germany 46.166
OSE OSE Οργανισμός Σιδηροδρόμων Ελλάδας
Organismos Siderodromon Ellados
Greek Railway Organisation Greece 2.571