Signal Book RIL (Richtlinien) 301, Update No. 11

The update no. 11 came into effect in December 2020 and contains the following updates:

Signal Book Ril 301 Communications No. 1 - Changes

In the communications no. 1, which will go into effect at of 12 December 2008, several changes have been introduced.

Eighteen years after the Reunification of Germany, the distinction between the ex-DB signal book (DS 301) and the ex-DR signal book (DV 301) has been dropped. However, some differences still exist:

But some more things have been changed and unified:

Signal Book Ril 301 Communications No. 4 - Changes

We are now (summer 2011) already at communications no. 4. Notable changes in the updates 2, 3, and 4 are: