Supplemental Signals




Ne 1

Trapeztafel  Trapeztafel (Trapeze board): Facultative stop board replacing an entry signal on branch lines. For meeting trains special rules apply.

Ne 2

Vorsignaltafel  Vorsignal-Mastschild. Distant signal post plate.
On branch lines may be used without distant signal to announce a main (1065 Byte)
If the signal is above the track (e.g. on a gantry) the post plate may be mounted above the signal.
In ex-DR area, colour light distant signals may be indicated by the yellow triangle post plate, see there.

Ne 2 (variants)

Vorsignaltafel für dreibegriffiges Vorsignal  As above for a semaphore distant signal capable of showing three aspects (i.e. can display Vr 2)
Vorsignaltafel verkürzter Abstand zum Hauptsignal (DB)  Ne 2 for a distant signal which is at reduced distance to main signal
Vorsignaltafel verkürzter Abstand zum Hauptsignal (DR)  Same as above, DR variant
ne2kurz3.gif (1522 Byte)  Semaphore distant signal capable of showing three aspects (i.e. can display Vr 2) at reduced distance.

So 106

Kreuztafel  Kreuztafel / Cross Board
Used only on branch lines (instead of a distant signal) to announce a main signal or a Ne 1.
Being replaced by Ne 2/So 3a  camera.gif (1065 Byte) 
Ne 3 
Bake (250m)  Bake (175m)  Bake (100m) 
Vorsignalbaken (Distant signal approaching markers): Marking approach of distant signal at 250 m, 175 m, and 100 m before the distant signal
Ne 4  Schachbrett-Tafel  Schachbrett-Tafel (Chequerboard sign): The signal is not on its usual position (i.e. the signal may be to the left of the track, farther right than usual, or somewhere else)
Ne 5 
Haltetafel   or  Haltetafel 
Haltetafel (Stopping Marker Board):
halting trains stop here (H=Halt)
Bedarfshaltetafel  Bedarfshaltesignal:
passenger-operated stop-on-demand.
  Zustandsanzeiger  Zustandsmelder (state indicator) for 2000 Hz Indusi magnet. If H board is secured with an Indusi magnet, a blue light may indicate whether the magnet is active (steady blue light) or inactive (flashing blue light).

Ne 6

Haltepunkttafel  Haltepunkttafel: Expect a halt. This board is placed only on special need, e.g. limited visibility
So 19
Hauptsignalbake (250m)  Hauptsignalbake (175m)  Hauptsignalbake (100m) 
Hauptsignalbaken (main signal approach marker):
Used only on special need to announce entry and block signals, placed at 100 m, 175 m and 250 m before the signal.
So 20 Zuordnungstafel  Zuordnungstafel (Assignment board): Indicates which track a signal board (e.g. So 4) is intended for. Used only on special need.

Ne 7a

Schneepflug anheben  Schneepflugtafel (Snow plough board): Raise snow plough. DR uses also a yellow sign.

Ne 7b

Schneepflug senken  Lower snow plough. DR uses also a yellow sign.
So 1 Endtafel  Endtafel (End board)
At Berlin urban railway only: Permission to drive on sight past a red or failed main signal that was given by red post plate ends here.
Ne 12
Ne 13
See signals for spring-loaded points
Ne 14 ETCS Stop Marker ETCS-Halt-Tafel (ETCS Stop Marker)
Block section marker for trains equipped with ETCS