Pictures of Semaphore Signals

Halt  A semaphore signal at Bad Doberan (former DR area) at Hp 0: stop.

The signal is equipped with gas lanterns. The black board with the white spots mounted to the lower part of the post is a Zs 103 (Rautentafel/Diamond Board).

Wartetafel, Haltetafel  Another semaphore signal in DR area. At the lower portion of the post you can see a Zs 103 Rautentafel.
In front you see an orange "W" (a Ra 11a waiting sign) equipped with two lamps (upper right and below) for the Ra 12 signal. Below there is a So 8 Halt Board.

(esta foto es por cortesía de Zeus Chiclana)

Formhauptsignale  Two semaphore signals seen from the rear side.
Formhauptsignale mit hohen Gleissperrsignalen  Semaphores at Lübeck Hbf. Also you see high Sh 0 line-close (shunting) signals (Gleissperrsignale). The triangles below are Zs 3 speed signals. To the right, instead of a Gleissperrsignal a Ra 11 waiting signal is used.

When the line from Hamburg becomes electrified in some years, the wire-operated semaphores will go away.

Halt für Zugfahrten, Rangierverbot aufgehoben  The main signal shows Hp 0: stop for train movements, the shunting signal shows Sh 1: shunting allowed.
Langsamfahrt, Halt erwarten  Hp2 + Vr 0:
Slow, expect stop.
The red circle marks the position of the 2000 Hz Indusi magnet.
Vorsignal  A closer look on the distant signal: Recently (as of 2001), all gas and petroleum lamps have been replaced by solar driven LEDs (see inset).

Since this signal does not have the arrow-shaped wing, it is a two-aspect signal, capable of showing expect stop, expect clear, but not expect slow.

Langsamfahrt erwarten  Another solar-lit distant signal (at Vr 2: expect slow).
The wing's white/yellow colour identifies this as a western-style (DB) signal, a DR signal would have a red/white wing.

To the right of the right rail, you see the 1000 Hz Indusi magnet.

t_ungs.jpg (15373 Byte)  Out-of-use semaphores in Ratzeburg. On the large picture you see next to the left two semaphores a "W"-shaped Ra 11 Waiting Signs.