Pictures of Ks Signals

Ks 1-Freie Fahrt  This Ks signal shows Ks 1 (clear, expect clear). The white-black post plate tells us that this is a permissive signal: If signal is at stop or defective, we may pass and proceed on sight until the next signal.
Ks 2-Vorsignal: Halt erwarten  In the counter direction the Ks signal serves a distant signal only (i.e. it cannot show stop nor clear, just expect clear or expect stop) as can be determined by it's distant signal post plate. Currently it shows aspect Ks 2 (expect stop). To the right there is an H-board for this line, indicating where halting trains must stop.
Bahnhof Berlin Zoo  At Berlin Zoo, there are some fine examples of Ks signals. Above the loco, you see a green signal at Ks 1 (clear, expect clear) (enlarged). To the left, you see two amber signals at Ks 2 (clear, expect stop) that have a white marker light to the lower left of the main lantern, indicating these signals are distant signal repeaters. The repeater at Ks 1 has its white light turned off (since it is at clear).

The next signal for the train, also enlarged, shows amber  for Ks 2 (clear, expect stop).

Bahnhof Berlin Zoo  A few moments after the above shot: The train has just departed, and the signal that was previously at Ks 2 has changed to Ks 1 (clear, expect clear) since the next main signal also has changed to clear.
Hp 0-Halt  A Ks combined signal at Bad Segeberg. The upper white-red-white post plate tells us it is an absolute main signal, and the yellow triangle below means that it also displays the distant signal information for the next main signal. The Zs 3 tells us we cannot go faster than 60 km/h. The "F" box contains the signal telephone (An old German word for telephone is Fernsprecher, lit. "far-speaker", hence the "F").
Ks 2: Halt erwarten-Wiederholer  The corresponding distant signal at "expect stop". The white light, which is below the main light tells us that this is a repeater.

Would the white light be higher than the main light, it would tell us that this is a distant which is closer than braking distance to its main signal.

The following pictures are by courtesy of Michael Urlaub
Ks 1 kombiniertes Signal: Freie Fahrt, freie Fahrt erwarten  A Ks signal displaying a green light.

Below the signal you see the white-red-white post plate (=main signal) and a yellow triangle plate (=Ks distant signal), so this is a combined signal, showing both home and distant aspects.

It therefore displays the aspect Ks 1: clear, expect clear.

Ks 1-Hauptsignal: Freie Fahrt (mit Lf 7: 100 km/h)  Another Ks signal displaying Ks 1. Since it does not carry a distant signal post plate but only a main signal plate, its meaning is "clear", but it doesn't tell us anything about the aspect of the signal in advance.

The board displaying the "10" is an Lf 7, a permanent speed restriction commencement signal, indicating that from this point on the speed limit is at 100 km/h.

Ks 1-kombiniertes Signal: Freie Fahrt, Fahrt mit 100 km/h erwarten  Another Ks combined signal. The green light indicates clear, and it is flashing because it indicates a speed restriction, which is announced by the amber "10", which is a Zs 3v speed announcing indicator, so the overall meaning is: "Clear, expect clear with 100 km/h".
Freie Fahrt mit 100 km/h erwarten  In the foreground you see two Ks distant signals (indicated by the distant signal post plate). The left one shows Ks 2: expect stop, the right one shows Ks 1: expect clear. The two yellow triangles are Lf 6 permanent speed restriction warning boards, announcing a permanent speed restriction of 100 km/h. (So the right distant is to be read as "expect clear with 100 km/h"). Whether the triangle points upwards or downwards is a matter of available space, the meaning is the same.

On the leftmost track you can spot three Ne 3 distant signal count-down markers, followed by an Hp distant signal (the two slanted yellow lights), displaying Vr 0: expect stop.

Ks-Zwergsignal zeigt Hp0 A dwarf Ks signal displaying Hp 0: stop
Ks-Zwergsignal zeigt Hp 0 + Sh 1 The signal now displays Hp 0 + Sh 1: stop for train movements, shunting movements may proceed.
Ks-Zwergsignal zeigt Hp 1 Signal displaying Hp 1: clear