Pictures of Sv Tunnel Signals

These are from the S-Bahn in Hamburg

Halt  Sv signal showing Hp 0 + Sh 0 (stop + stop for shunting movements).

Note that the lower small two red lamps are also on displaying Sh 0: stop for shunting movements. In former times Hp 0 didn't mean stop for shunting movements, now it does so the Sh 0 is really obsolete here. But DBAG didn't want to spend money on rewiring the signal box.

Freie Fahrt  Signal shows Sv 1: clear expect clear.

Below there is a Zs 2 indicating the exit route set: The "J" says that this train goes towards Jungfernstieg. (Yes, that is the line to St. Pauli / Reeperbahn!)


Türen schließen  Here you see the above signal, additionally with the lit T-signal instructing the driver to close the doors.
Hamburg Hbf Gleis 1 Richtung Jungfernstieg  This was taken with a flash and clearly exhibits the lamps and fiber optic displays.
The left fiber optic is a Zs 2 (route indicator) capable of displaying "D" (Dammtor) or "J" (Jungfernstieg).
The centre display can show a white T-signal (close doors) or a green ring (Zp 9: departure order)
The right one can show Sh 0 or Sh 1.
Lampen  Dieses animierte Bild wurde mir freundlicherweise von Olaf Kerstiens zugesendet
This animated pic was kindly created by Olaf Kerstiens.