That's Me!


Hello, my name is Wolfgang Meyenberg and I live in Germany, in a small place close to Hamburg.

Usually I spend my time at work, with my family, or travelling. I may even find time to edit this web site, especially the German Railway Signalling Pages.

My interests include Computer Science, society & politics, and getting to know people and culture from abroad.
(ah, yes... and eating...)

When I was at school I had the luck in being granted a scholarship with the American Field Service to stay one year in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It is interesting to view one's own shore from a different angle, and to learn how different people think of things one takes for granted, and to learn that other people's ways are as reasonable and irrational as your own ways, once you get a glimpse from behind the surface.

I have worked a few years in Hamburg, commuting there by train, and while I was wondering about the things I saw at the trackside, I finally turned into a railway signalling fan.

Currently I am working for a global industrial company, being responsible for IT architecture.

I speak Deutsch, English and Español, and currently 我在学习汉语 (wǒ zài xuéxi Hànyǔ - I'm currently learning Chinese) , a language I find fascinatingly logical and easy, apart from the fact that it is a language full of pictures and associations, which allows you to express yourself and reason differently.
(Of course, German is the easiest of all, since it was the only language I didn't have to study!)

My favourite quotes