Eating (My favourite Restaurants)

jaderabbit.jpg (25784 Byte)  Our French neighbours think we Germans live to work (while they work to live). Well, in part that may be right, but those who know me in person tell that I live to *eat*. (They're right, by the way) Actually, despite many rumours I don't eat everything, (just as my favourite nation, the Chinese... they are said to eat everything with four legs except the table. I'd say they eat most things regardless of the number of legs...:-> ), but I think that I can determine whether it tastes good or bad only after I've taken a bite.

Do you like blue cheese? I certainly do, and if one can digest stinking rotten milk, then what's so bad about silkworms? camera.gif (1065 Byte)

By the way: how do I choose my favourites? Not always because the food or environment is five-star, usually it is an overall rating, sometimes I just like the environment or have some nice memories. BTW: Ethnic restaurants only make it to this list if they serve authentic food.


Hamburg & Vicinity
Gaststätte Waldesruh    camera.gif (1065 Byte)
Forstweg 2
23863 Bargfeld-Stegen
phone (04532) 22192
Located in the midst of fields and forests, still close to Hamburg.
The friendly owners of the old farmyard-style restaurant serves hearty local dishes, always with a smile (which, according to the menu, is included in the price;-). In the summer you can enjoy your meal under green trees in the garden. They also have ponies for hire. If possible, you should go there by bicycle or horse (a horse parking is provided), a motor vehicle would break the style of this old-fashioned place, which always reminds me of a story of old of a garden restaurant I once heard in school and never forgot. See also their web site 
Golden (金门 - Jīnmén) [Golden Gate]
Wartenau 4
22089 Hamburg
phone (040) 254 32 94
At best ignore the German menu, if you can't read the Chinese menu, ask the funny owner (that's the short big one with the suspenders) for advice (which I always do). He also speaks some English. They have Chinese newspapers, white patrons are a small minority. One of the place to take your Chinese friends out, and my favourite in Hamburg.
Colonnaden 96
20354 Hamburg
phone (040) 34 31 25
The oldest and best Japanese restaurant in town, unlike many stylish Sushi places they serve the authentic way - most patrons are Japanese. When in Hamburg, don't miss it, but be sure to reserve a table in advance. Oh yes, and bring a full wallet. It's not cheap, but worth it.
Rest. Sagardi
Calle Argenteria, 62
08003 Barcelona
phone 93 319 99 93
Tapas, steaks, wine what should I say? Go and enjoy!
Web Site 
Ginger and Onion Cuisine    camera.gif (1065 Byte)
7131 Kennedy Road
Market Village Unit E3-4 (near Pacific Mall)
Markham, ON L3R 9W1
phone (905) 479-7730
Cantonese style place, like at home they come around with freshly prepared Dim Sun and you pick your selections as they pass by. Very crowded during peak times, but it's worth waiting (if you forgot reserving a table).
Summit Garden
3015 Winston Churchill Blvd
Mississauga, ON
phone (905) 828 6686
One of the many big Chinese restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. It is large and full of Chinese (by now you noted my philosophy: large number of Chinese patrons equals tasty food....)
Ginza of Tokyo
5130 Dundas Street West.
Toronto, ON
phone (416) 234-1161
Oops... something non-Chinese at last. A franchise place but quite a good one... tasty sushi and japanese beer, even the staff is Japanese   m^_^m
The Heart and Crown    camera.gif (1065 Byte)
Ottawa, Lowertown
phone (613) 562-0674
Great pub, serving hearty food and a selection of good beers and live music, going there after coming from the US makes me feel back home in Europe...
Louise's Rock House Restaurant    camera.gif (1065 Byte)
U.S. Hwy. 221 (Blue Ridge Pkwy)
Linville Falls, NC
phone (828) 765-2702
Some items make this place remarkable: In the centre of the restaurant three county lines meet, and the food rations are as hearty and big as the ladies serving it. That's good auld fashioned American country style, if you're near, don't miss it! See also this web site
5360 Westport Rd.
phone 246-3130
You love to eat seafood? You want a nice place in a nice location near Lake Mendota? Nau-Ti-Gal's my favourite place here! Find more at their web site 
UW Memorial Union Rathskeller
800 Langdon St.
Madison, WI
The food is typical US-style quick-grilled (aka fastfood) junk. But you shouldn't miss the design featuring German murals of student life. For the illiterate, English translations are provided on boards at the sides of the entrance :-)
China Town Complex    camera.gif (1065 Byte)
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335
You may want to avoid the made-for-tourists hawkers on Smith Streetcamera.gif (1065 Byte), so you should go a few steps to the upper level of the Chinatown Complex. Although quite clean (hey, this is Singapore!), a very Chinese place ^_^ . I never miss it.

Remarks: Telephone numbers are given in local format, Chinese addresses are given in English translation (e.g. Suzhou Street) or in Pinyin romanization with tones. Where parts of the address (auch as postcodes) are missing it is because I have no idea :)

TBC (to be continued....)