Travelling (My prejudices page)

changer.jpg (29286 Byte)  Here, dear reader, thou findest my favourite destinations (and prejudices...). As I have time, I will add more pages for individual destinations, and I will upload some pictures.
This section is not intended to be a travel or country guide, it contains a crude mixture of my impressions from various places and is probably very boring to everyone else...
Country My Prejudices
China To make a very long story very short: China definitely is my favourite place.

They don't think that they have the oldest and richest culture on earth. They know it.
Did you know that China in Chinese is called Zhong Guo, which means Land of the Middle?

The famous saying that Chinese eat everything with four legs (except the table) is plain wrong..
The truth is: If it lives, you can eat it - no matter what number of legs.

As opposed to many beliefs, the Chinese language is not really complicated: no cases, declinations, irregular verbs etc as we have it in in European languages. But the script is hard to learn. On the other hand, it is a language full of pictures, in my opinion it is the right language for poetry (and romance).

I have lived in China for 1.5 years, and I wish I had stayed.

Singapore Singapore is a fine city... fines for littering, fines for eating in the subway, and fines for jaywalking. But there are a few things that go without fines, e.g.: be drunk and vandalise cars: no fine, but you will be caned (cool - if we did it, our countries would be much cleaner and safer).
Otherwise (or probably because of that) one of the best places I have visited, and it is one f the places I'd love to live.
England They drive on the wrong side of the road
They have been living alone on their island way too long
Fortunately they have a large number of Indian, Chinese and Italian restaurants
Their Bed-and-Breakfast has the nicest landlords worldwide
Most of them believe Europe is far far away (which is true)
England is full of lovely people; as a North German, we share the same dark and dry humour, and they are definitely much politer than most other people in the world. And England is full of heritage railways.
Merry old England, I just love it
Scotland Tranquillity
By the way, Scotland is my second favourite place. I spent my honeymoon there and would visit it again every year (if it wouldn't such an expensive place)
France How do you call a person who speaks three languages? - Trilingual.
How do you call a person who speaks two languages? - Bilingual.
How do you call a person who can speak more than one one language but pretends to know only one?
- French.
USA How do you call a person who speaks three languages? - Trilingual.
How do you call a person who speaks two languages? - Bilingual.
How do you call a person who speaks one language? - American.

Did you ever enter East Germany (while it existed) and wondered about the stupid questions asked by the border guards? It seems US border guards had been trained by them and then forgot how to be polite.
They have the best and biggest steaks, delicious seafood and excellent restaurants. I'll never understand why they felt there was a need to invent something like McDonald's.

Sweden A lovely country with expensive beer and specialities like Surströmming. That is herring put in a can where it is let to ferment, i.e. you leave it until it is rotten. When all food has been exhausted on your North Pole expedition and you're still 500 km away from your next base, there is nothing more delicious than Surströmming.

Otherwise, definitely the most child-friendly country on earth, restaurants will have special children's buffet and SJ (Swedish Railways) has play-cars for kids on long distance trains.

  more rubbish to come...