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Miscellaneous OSShD Signals

These are pictures from signals in OSShD member countries.


t_czcdr745.jpg (5511 Byte) A Czech signal displaying stop.
czcdr747.jpg (49203 Byte) A Czech shunting signal displaying stop. Also you can see a derailer in place.
czcdr748.jpg (106252 Byte) A Czech level-crossing street signal. The white light is flashing to indicate that the crossing is operational and can be passed. When a train is approaching, the two red lights above would flash alternatingly.

The text "Pzor Vlak" means "Danger, Trains"

plpkp915.jpg (43257 Byte) A Polish shunting signal displaying stop.
t_plpkp919.jpg (9762 Byte) A Polish main signal displaying stop.
rumänisches Hauptsignal Romanian main signals in the station of Hermannstadt (Sibiu). They look exactly like Russian signals, you may compare them with the EZMG signals.
rumänisches Rangiersignal Romanian shunting signal at stop.