Other Signals

Gleissperre liegt an  At the left rail you see a derailer connected to a box that can display either the Sh0: stop or Gsp 2: derailer off aspect.

The box at the right is found often in DR area. It combines a Ra 11a waiting board, a Kreisscheibe, and a Ra 12 signal in a W-Box.
Note that the Kreisscheibe is obsolete now and may disappear in the future.

Haltetafel und Wartezeichen  Another Ra 11a/Ra 12/Kreisscheibe box.

The black board on top is a Ne 5: Haltetafel (Stopping Marker Board): Halting trains stop here.

Zp 8:Bremsen sind in Ordnung  A Zp 8 signal at Rostock Hbf: brake test ok.

The "A" is a sign for passenger information showing the platform section (to help finding out where a specific coach will halt)

Fahrtanzeiger (Rückseite): das Ausfahrsignal zeigt einen Fahrbegriff  Another Zp 8 brake test signal and the rear side of a Fahrtanzeiger (proceed indicator) at Lübeck Hbf.
Fahrtanzeiger  The Front of the Fahrtanzeiger.
Fahrtanzeiger aus, Vorsignal zeigt Halt erwarten  At Ahrensburg, a Fahrtanzeiger, then a distant signal repeater indicate whether the exit signal (the post of which you can see behind the distant signal) shows a proceed aspect.
fanz_rz.jpg (34520 Byte)  A Fahrtanzeiger at Ratzeburg.
elektrisches Weichensignal im Hamburger Freihafen  A light points signal. showing Wn 1 - straight.
Signal für Rückfallweiche  So 18 signal for spring-loaded points displaying aspect So 18a: Points can be travelled facing points

To the left you see a Wn points signal. Usually black, this one is yellow to indicate print-loaded points

t_sh0k.jpg (6958 Byte)  A train protection signal, usually used to separate a platform into two sections that can be occupied by different trains. The signal can display either Sh 0 (stop for train and shunting movements) or the Kennlicht (marker light), which means that the signal is to be ignored. Note the white-red-white signal post plate on the full picture.

This picture is by courtesy of Olaf Kerstiens.