Site Updates

20 September 2023

Some information on Chinese signal boards corrected.
100 km/h speed aspect for Bulgarian signals and links to Bulgarian signalling site added (thanks to Pawel Nikolov for the information)

12 April 2021

Added a new section on the history of railways and signalling in Germany

27 March 2021

Added pages on my experiences of culture, living, working, and travelling in China

6 March 2021

It's been almost ten years since the last update, but I finally managed to include the latest changes of the signal book as well as some new pictures.
And there is a new section: A few pages about my Märklin model railway - it's only a small layout, but it focuses on signals.

10 August 2011

The page new rulebook updates was updated.

19 June 2011

Lf 6 and Lf 7 are not valid for tilting trains which are equipped with automatic speed supervision.
The ETCS Stop Marker was introduced into to Signal Book as signal Ne 14

17 January 2011

Added link to Peter Wiegel's Site, also containing fonts used at Prussian and German railways
Corrected Link to Jarek's site about Polish railway signals
New appearance of signal for spring-loaded points.

1 February 2009

Relaunched web site with new design and UTF-8 (Unicode) encoding, corrected several minor errors.

12 May 2008

Reflected recent changes in signalbook. Some idiosyncrasies have gone away while there is a new one calling the day a night...

16 March 2008

New pictures of various OSShD and Dutch signals.
Added some new pictures of Chinese signals.

13 December 2007

Some corrections on the pages about French signals.

20 May 2007

Latest changes reflected in the pages on Berlin Subway signals.

2 April 2007

At the Indusi pages, added an explanation for the speed reduction for halting trains.

10 March 2007

New page about Munich subway signals added

11 February 2007

picture in page "bi-directional operations" corrected: the distant signal on the left track is not announced by count-down markers.
Hamburg U-Bahn signals: aspect and meaning of signal So 5 changed (thanks to René Neumann for this information)

17 December 2006

added some pages about French railway signals

22 September 2006

reworked the pages about Chinese railway signals, added a page about Chinese signal boards

13 August 2006

Added two pages about the OSShD and the OSShD signals

30 July 2006

With the new edition of the Signal Book, there are numerous changes, signals renamed etc.

25 June 2006

Six and a half years after uploading the page about a railway accident, the picture of the second loco which was involved has been uploaded.

12 February 2006

Description of British Semaphores at Ely Dock junction corrected.
New pictures for Berlin S-Bahn signals added.

19 October 2005

New page: Signal and other pictures from China
Some signalling links added
New picture of a train protection signal
New pages: Travelling
Eating page updated
pictures of signals for spring-loaded points added

22 February 2005

Oops.. one and a half years without updates...
First page about my first hobby added: eating
New pic on the Hamburg Subway Signals picture page

17 August 2003

Sounds added on the pages for protection, miscellaneous, and shunting signals.
Links to the web site of the OSShD added.

3 May 2003

Track map symbols updated.

20 April 2003

Meine erste Seite über chinesische Eisenbahnsignale
My first page about Chinese railway signals

26 February 2003

Aspect for DR multiple block signals corrected.

8 February 2003

Site map completed,
Pictures section reorganized and new pictures added,
Links validated

3 January 2003

Site navigation has been reorganized, and finally I've managed to provide a site map!

14 December 2002

Well, the site wasn't really updated, but it moved to its current location...

2 December 2002

New page with track map symbols added.

10 July 2002

New page with pictures of Sk signals added, Sk page corrected.
New Ks pictures added.

24 June 2002

Some pictures from a trip to Ottawa added.

12 May 2002

Graphics on the Sk page and distant signal post plate description on Hp semaphore page corrected.

21 February 2002

New page added: Do American signals make sense?

20 January 2002

A link to a web site about Chinese Railways added. (link removed 2021 as the site appears offline)

2 January 2002

Pictures from Canada added

7 November 2001

Rulebook changes:
Gleiswechselanzeiger (DB: Zs 6, DR: Zs 7) board added.
On non-DBAG railways new halt-on-demand signal Ne 5 added.

4 October 2001

Now finally I started working on my China section!

30 September 2001

corrected & updated some links

2 August 2001

corrected description of the Bavarian Hp Ru aspect
new information on the historical use of colours at signals
new placement of signals for wrong line operation

30 July 2001

added page about DR Ma signals on the Berliner Außenring
added page about Ho signals
updated pages on historical signals

27 June 2001

added pages about historical and test signalling systems
added some pictures of British semaphore signals and some other pictures

9 February 2001

some pictures from Malaysian railways added
pictures from signal boxes added

2 January 2001

new link category: humanitarian links added.
New page: Berlin Subway signals.
Lots of new pictures of: Cab displays, Ks signals, Hl signals, misc. pictures.

28 November 2000

New: pictures of cab displays and new pictures of Hp, Hl, and EZMG signals!

30 September 2000

Pictures from the USA added. Look at U.S. signals and at the Other Stuff pages.

22 September 2000

Indusi and Speed Limits added.

21 July 2000

Indusi updated- parts 2 & 3 added

8 July 2000

Information about Indusi added.
Hp distant signal repeater added.

23 June 2000

Now added Spanish signals.

25 April 2000

The first pictures of foreign signals!

1 April 2000

Rule Book updates:
Yellow triangle post plate on Hl combined signals
New catenary boards
New level-crossing boards: Bü 2 announcers

24 March 2000

NEU! Hamburger U-Bahn-Signale
NEW! Hamburg Subway Signals

14 February 2000

Signalling index page changed, overview of all Hl colour light signal aspects provided.

30 January 2000

Simplified tail signal, gang warning signals and brake test hand signals added.

21 January 2000

DR's Zs 106 (Short entry signal board) added
Bi-directional traffic: graphic examples added.

16 January 2000

Bi-directional traffic explanation continued.

12 January 2000

Distinction between train movements and shunting movements clarified.
Terminology regarding points explained.
Post plates for subway signals corrected.
Bi-directional traffic explained.

1 January 2000

Happy new year!
Some notes on British vs. American Terminology, especially on points.

9 December 1999

My new ISP's server is picky about case. All file names changed to lower case. Also most filenames changed.
(If you want to link this site, please use only the index.htm pages)
Numbering updated
Rear night aspects of semaphore distant signals image added

26 December 1999

Rear night aspects of semaphore distant signals corrected
Distinction between DR's waiting signal ("W"-Board) Ra11a and Ra11b.
Numbering of Signals and Tracks

16 December 1999

This site moved to a new location.

8 November 1999

East German level crossing signals introduced into West Germany.
A new picture of a semaphore signal.

2 November 1999

New investigation results in the Railway Accident Case!

30 October 1999

Some corrections on Subway Signals
Explanation page for speed signals enhanced.
Explanation for arrows on catenary signals enhanced.

18 October 1999

The Signal Book was updated these changes were reflected in my site. In particular these things have changed:

1 April - 25 August 1999

Aspects of EZMG Signals corrected.
Some new links e.g. to Spanish Signalling
Information on LZB updated information on FZB and CIR-ELKE added.
LZB updated.
The first information on LZB uploaded.
Pictures of a Railway Accident Scene added ;-)
A new design for my home page.
EZMG signals added.
Semaphore night aspects from rear added and semaphore appearance corrected.
Note on Sv signal Hp 0+Sv 0 aspect corrected.
New pictures of DR's Hl signals level crossing signals and other stuff added.
A few enhanced pictures added camera.gif (1065 Byte)reference icons to pictures added
Finally: The first signal pictures (few and bad but I'll promise to provide better pics some time ;-)